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Nursery Rhymes For Breakfast


Nursery Rhymes for Breakfast.Eggs, Toast, Sandwiches! Cheese, Butter, Jam! Hot Chocolate, Smoothie, Orange Juice! Yes you are right, It’s Breakfast Time!

When mealtimes are more about tantrums, screaming and bribery than healthy eating, you may feel at the end of your tether. But don’t you worry. We have just the perfect solution for all the exasperated parents out there. Winjit brings to you Nursery Rhyme for Breakfast.
Now treat your child with these popular nursery rhymes while you feed them. This will prove beneficial in many ways. While these poems keep your child engrossed and they happily eat their meals, they also memorize the poem in the process. So do not delay, just hit the download button and enjoy.
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